Exclusive Interview with Phil Collins

Click below to watch a sample from Dan Neer's All Access interview with Phil Collins to discuss is newly released album "The Singles" and his autobiography "Not Dead Yet".  This is a bonus clip not included in the show.

Dan-o In the Press

1. John Lennon's Birthplace in Liverpool.   2. Aunt Mimi's house where John Lennon was raised.  She did not encourage his artistic side 

   much.  3. House where Ringo grew up. The national trust needs to restore this like they did with Lennon's, McCartney's, & George's houses.

4. Post by driveway of Aunt Mimi's house.    5. Phil, our hilarious and incredibly knowledgeable tour driver on Fab Four tours.  It was 3 1/2

   hours of fun and magic in Liverpool.   6. The flyer announcing the Church Fete where John's band the Quarry Men played and John met     

   Paul. 7. Me trying to see if I could get into George Harrison's house.  8. My two sons standing in front of Strawberry Fields, the former     

  Salvation Army home for orphans. John would scale the gates, play with the children and sometimes sleep there. When he was found out 

  for  the umpteenth time, instead of just sending him back home, they marched him to Aunt Mimi and told her what he had been doing. Aunt    Mimi said, "If you do this again, they'll hang you."  John snuck in the very next day, of course. "Nothing to get hung about. Strawberry Fields 


8. The first building my family saw when we got off the train in Liverpool  I love that the people of the U.K. don't seem to be hung up about 


Mal Redding Olympic Park
Tower of London guard
Tower of London residence
The Crown Jewel
Soho London
Towers of London
Evan Dan-o & Stephen
Rose-o at Stonehenge
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1. Mal Redding, Olympic Park boat Captain

2. Towers of London guard...could not crack him up!

3. Towers of London living quarters

1. Ooops...Not supposed to take this picture, but I did...a Crown Jewel.            

2. This crazy car parked every night of the 3 weekend nights we spent in Soho,          

    London.  Some people need to scream, "Look at me!"

3. Towers of London!

1. My sons and me at Stonehenge. Tried to get my alien family to come take me, but to     no avail.

2. My beautiful wife at Stonehenge...I think she stopped my alien family from getting 

    me by her alien repeller she was holding.

3. Stonehenge.  They claim people dragged those 30 ton rocks over 200 miles

   centuries ago BY HAND!  I believe aliens put them there to allow me to go back

   home. You decide.