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Personality aplenty/Interviewer extraordinaire/Music lover          

Dan Neer, disc jockey/interviewer in New York for 40 years (WPIX-FM, WNEW-FM, K-ROCK, Q-104 and Sirius/XM Satellite Radio) and nationally for 40 years. Since 1980, through his Neer Perfect Productions Company he has independently hosted, written and produced nationally syndicated radio shows on important and up-and-coming music artists who have gone on to become important.  He continues to interview the who's who of rock and roll and just as passionately any newcomers that catch his ear. 


Explore the site a bit and you will encounter a bunch of them. Click on the “National Radio Shows” tab above the slideshow and you can listen to some of the thousands of shows he has produced. Find his weekly podcast, "Dan-o's Delights" under the "podcasts" tab.  It is a feast for your music-starved ears, featuring highlights of interviews with legendary artists and newly discovered favorites, along with the sharp commentary and small pearls of his hard-fought wisdom and humor his fans have come to expect.
There will be blogs about history, the present & the future.

It is a music lover’s site done by a music lover.

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