The Beatles, Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton were right!

On June 25th, the Beatles took part in the first world-wide television simulcast. It was to be a 125-minute program broadcast to 26 countries with contributions from Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Central America, North Africa, Japan and Australia. They were asked to write a song that would be understood by viewers of all nationalities. John Lennon composed a song that perfectly captured the aspirations of young people around the world in the summer of 1967. Youth were upset about the Vietnam war and protested peacefully. The message and the song: "All You Need is Love." The Beatles part of the program featured the rhythm tracks that had been laid down on June 14th in the studio and

Do you think they learned?

After the mentally ill man easily got a gun and shot up a practice by Republican members of Congress, I was horrified and saddened. The politics didn't matter to me. What Senator Bernie Sanders said that violence of any kind is unacceptable and that he condemned it in the strongest terms possible goes double for me. Despite my profound disagreement with what the Republicans have represented in terms of gender and racial equality, voter suppression and demonizing poor people while kissing the asses of every millionaire and billionaire in the country while trying to profit for themselves, I never condone violence. Shortly after the incident, I found this on facebook: "From the brilliant And

Holy Bat Shit, Batman

Well another bat-shit crazy week. After the fired FBI director testifies before Congress in a highly believable, complete-thought-and-sentences manner, our President deigns to insult and demean him further. While at the same time claiming total vindication! Everyone seems to miss the earthquake of an announcement that was revealed to the American public that there is no doubt in the intelligence community that the Russians tried to influence our election by hacking. This is the new war of the 21st century...fought in the cybersphere. Since a large part of the folks who elected Donald are not exactly "computer literate," the impact of this bombshell hasn't hit. No matter what the Presiden

What a week

This week, Gregg Allman, the leader and one-of-a-kind voice of the Allman Brothers band passed away at the age of 69 due to complications from liver cancer. Lately, it's getting harder for me to acknowledge all of the important artists in my life dying. That's mostly because of the profound sense of loss, but partly because it is a reminder for me that I am getting up there too. Gregg's loss for me was yet another heavy one. I was a fan very early on of the Allman Brother's Band. The slide guitar work of Duane Allman was thrilling. The jams between he and Dicky, Jaimoe and Butch were hypnotic. They would carry your mind to far off places and then suddenly bring you back. I would listen t

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