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I Need to Pinch Myself

Willie Nelson and Alison Krauss

Sometimes, it seems like I am dreaming. The past few weeks I got to work with Blackbird Presents to create an hour-long national radio special on their Outlaw Music Festival Tour. The artists participating in this 17 date tour are some of my all time favorites, headed up by none other than Willie Nelson & Family. For this show, I got to interview Willie Nelson (!), Lukas Nelson, David Shaw of the Revivalists, Alison Krauss, Nathaniel Rateliff and Hayes Carll. Other artists that I would have loved to talk with who are on the tour are Bonnie Raitt, Robert Plant, the Avett Brothers, Counting Crows, Dawes, Steve Earle & the Dukes, and Gov't Mule. Artists vary from city to city, so check for details. I loved working on this show, and I put an awful lot into it. I hope you get to hear it because I think you will enjoy it. It is not typical radio and the music is superb. The only drawback is that jerk Dan Neer that hosts it. Oh well!

Seriously, call your local country or triple-A radio station and ask them to run it. We solicited over 900 stations across America today and are awaiting responses. It costs them nothing. It is commercial free, so they can either run their normal load of commercials in it, or carry the longer version of the show without commercials.

I have now started to work on a show for the new Roger Daltrey album The Who's Tommy Orchestral chronicling Roger's stellar tour last year. Phew! I have to pinch myself again.


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